The Austin 7 Centenary Celebration

19th - 24th July 2022 at The Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire

Centenary event Terms and Conditions

Tuesday 19th – Sunday 24th July 2022 

Terms and Conditions 

Booking and Entry

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Fire Service College (FSC) is an operational military and fire training venue.
  • While this event will be spread widely across the FSC site please adhere to all signage as certain areas will be for authorised personnel only and may have restricted access to event attendees.
  • During the duration of this event the operational training will be on-going, therefore you will see smoke, which may drift across the campsite and other areas. You may also hear loud bangs, noise, sirens, and gunfire during normal working hours.
  • Before making your booking, please ensure that you have decided which options to sign up to in the booking form. Once the booking has been made and paid for you will NOT be able to get back into the booking system and make amendments to it. Once the booking has been made money will NOT be refunded unless in very exceptional circumstances or in the event of the organisers having to cancel the event.
  • Initially it will only be possible to book onsite accommodation and camping if you intend to stay for the whole five nights (Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd July). This restriction will remain in place until the end of 2021 when, depending on the availability of remaining rooms, bookings for shorter periods of time will be offered. If you intend to stay off-site you can book your event tickets, picnic hampers, Prescott Festival entry and temporary gym membership as soon as bookings are open.
  • The organisers reserve the right to stop taking bookings if it appears that safety may be compromised by the numbers attending.
  • As an entrant to the Rally, you are agreeing that your name and car details will be published in the event programme, and that the details of your car will be added to the A7CA Chassis Register; also that the organisers or the Austin Seven Clubs’ Association Registrar may contact you to ask further questions about the details of your entry. Note that no personal details to identify you are recorded on the Register.
  • The organisers will take as much care as they can to ensure security of vehicles but please note that neither the FSC nor the event organisers take any responsibility for the security of your vehicle, its contents, or other belongings while on site. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that your vehicles and possessions are appropriately insured and kept safe.
  • The organisers have made every effort to make this a safe and enjoyable event, however, attendance at this event is at your own risk. The FSC or the organisers will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to you or your party.
  • This event has been organised and is being run by volunteers, with professional help and advice where appropriate. The organising body (the Austin Seven Clubs’ Association) does not seek to make a profit from the event. The entry fees, together with sponsorship and donations, including from member clubs, are intended to make sure that the event breaks even.
  • On booked experiences, it is your responsibility to be at the meeting places at the appropriate time. If you miss the event the fee is non-refundable.
  • All vehicles (and their occupants) entering the FSC grounds must be pre-booked and on entry will be issued with an official entry code and windscreen sticker which must be always displayed on the vehicle for the duration of the event. This sticker is non-transferable.
  • All non-Austin 7 vehicles will be directed to an appropriate parking place on entry to the event; there will be separate parking for trailers and cars, both modern and non-A7 Classics.
  • The FSC has provided some services, e.g., Catering, Security, House-keeping, etc. which are run by their contracted employees. Entertainment groups have been booked by the organisers. For the Centenary Festival at Prescott Hill Climb on Wednesday 20th, track-side marshalling, procedures and catering will be administered by the Bugatti Owner’s Club (owners of Prescott), while spectator, picnic, parking, and paddock areas will be organised and manned by Centenary Festival volunteers.
  • There will be fire control points around the site and care must be taken to avoid grass fires, etc. NO OPEN CAMPFIRES are permitted.
  • Full details of arrangements for camping including vehicle movement, use of barbecues, disposal of waste, etc. will be given in a handout to campers.

Site Rules

  • The FSC reserve the right to remove individuals from site if suspected of breaching these terms. FSC staff and security teams will be on site 24/7 to enforce the site rules.
  • The organisers WILL NOT tolerate rudeness or abusive behaviour towards either the volunteers, representatives or employees of the College or any other persons giving a service to the event. Any such behaviour may lead to exclusion from the event without refund.
  • The marshals and other identifiable staff are in place to make sure that the event runs safely and that everyone gets the most enjoyment out of it. Please follow all instructions given by the organisers to keep us all safe and ensure that all have an enjoyable event.
  • Your host and/or Reception will provide you with the following information:
    • Upon arrival, where to go and park
    • Location of welfare and other facilities
    • Any information regarding fire and first aid during your visit
    • Identify to you any specific hazards you may be exposed to, including the latest Covid-19 protection and control measures
  • You will be issued with a visitor pass and lanyard which must always be worn and will be required to be shown to gain entry at the main gate.
  • Smoking is only allowed within the designated smoking shelter areas, and/or 5m away from buildings. Smoking is prohibited in vehicles/buildings and under covered walkways.
  • If staying on site overnight, please be aware of others trying to sleep and keep noise to a minimum in camping areas and the hotel areas. To this end, there will be a quiet zone surrounding the campsite and the accommodation blocks between 11.00pm and 7.30am. Please ensure that this is observed and move quietly during these times. Persistent disturbances may lead to exclusion without refund. Except in emergencies vehicle engines must not be started during the quiet zone period. The site security team will be patrolling the site 24 hours a day and will enforce the quiet zones.
  • No drones are permitted on site except those authorised by the FSC. There may be other drone activity on site as part of the College’s day to day activities. Do not approach this activity without permission.
  • If you are bringing children to the event, they are very welcome, but please remember that they always remain your responsibility regarding behaviour and safety.
  • Some of the exhibits, exhibitions and demonstrations may include items which are fragile, extremely rare and valuable; in addition there may be moving parts, heavy parts, etc. in some of the exhibits with associated risk to probing fingers, etc. Please keep children under close control in such situations and follow warning and instruction notices.
  • Please ensure that you put rubbish in the rubbish bins provided or take it home with you.
  • Within the FSC grounds is a large fenced-off training area, known as the Incident Ground. This area is always strictly out of bounds to all event attendees. Trespassers will be permanently removed from site.

Vehicles, Trailers and Vehicle Movements

  • There will be larger operational fire-fighting vehicles moving around the site. Please be aware of the larger turning circles and reduced visibility of these vehicles.
  • There is a blanket 5mph speed limit in place on site: please remember that there will be young children dashing about and elderly visitors, wishing they could dash, but who may be suffering from various infirmities which impede their progress or make them more at risk from vehicle movements.
  • All vehicles must adhere to the vehicle management system and specified routes on site. Please note that there will be military troops marching around site and they will have the right of way on all roadways, so all site traffic must give way to marching troops.
  • Large vehicles are not to be reversed unless a banks person is in place.
  • Always adhere to the UK Highway Code.
  • Only Austin 7 vehicles and their derivatives will be allowed onto the rally field: please park in the appropriate place as indicated by the marshals. If your A7 is trailered, please follow marshals’ instructions to the trailer parking area.
  • Once on the rally field, please refrain from moving your vehicle unnecessarily, i.e., only move it to take part in a scheduled event or when entering or leaving the field; marshals will help with movement at busy times. On occasion, you may be directed temporarily to a car park if the field is congested on return.
  • Be aware that there will be others, including children, around if you need to run your engine with the bonnet lifted or removed – there must be always someone on watch and ready to intervene when the engine is running in such circumstances.
  • When travelling on organised Road Runs, or just getting out and about in your vehicle, please try to avoid long convoys of slow-moving cars. All vehicles taking part in Road Runs must be road legal, registered and have appropriate insurance.
  • All vehicles taking part in off-road activities must be sound and appropriately maintained. The organisers retain the right to exclude any vehicle that they deem unsafe from being used in events.
  • All fuel must be either aboard vehicles in the tank or held in recognised containers. Spillages of fuel or oil must be sanded with sand from the fire buckets around the site and cleared up. All fuel spills must be reported to the organisers and site contacts.


  • The event will be photographed and filmed and may be displayed commercially and on social media. By entering the grounds of the FSC you consent to your image and that of visitors in your party, and images of your vehicles appearing in such photographs and films.
  • Please refrain from taking photographs of other site users or individuals without permission.


  • No dogs, pets, or other animals are allowed on site. The only exception being assistance dogs which must be notified by prior arrangement with the booking team.

Alcohol / Food

  • Please note that in areas where alcohol is being sold on site, it is not permitted to consume alcohol bought elsewhere.
  • You will not be able to consume your own food in the site restaurant.

We hope that by following these simple guidelines everyone will have a SAFE, HAPPY, and FULFILLING experience at this ‘Once in a lifetime’ event.


Correct at 28th September 2021

Austin 7 Centenary