The Austin 7 Centenary Celebration

19th - 24th July 2022 at The Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire

Booking Buddies

Booking Buddies are for those who are members of particular Austin Seven clubs who have no access to the internet at all or are less confident when booking on the internet and would like some support. They have received training on how to complete the booking form and will be pleased to assist you if required.


Austin Seven Owners Club

Howard Annette

Dave Waller

Bristol A7 Club

Aileen Hood

Sue Riley

Sally Barker

June Price


Cambridge A7&VCC

Rebecca Simms

Robert Leight

Nick Mayne


Cornwall A7 Club

Sarah Mason

Andrew Jarmin


Devon Austin 7 Club

Ken Hickman


Dorset Austin Seven Club

Dave Whetton


Essex Austin 7 Club

Terry Bonner

Peter Lawson

Marion Lawson


Hereford A7 Club

Roly Alcock

David Southcott


Midlands Austin 7 Club

Andy Lowe

David Trickett


Norfolk A7 Club

Paul Maulden


On-line Austin Seven Club

Steve Clarke

Tim Griffiths


Pre-War Austin Seven Clud (Midshires section)

Colin Dawson


Solent A7 Club

David Kenney


South Wales A7 Club

Peter Hales


Vintage Austin Register

David Rock Evans


Austin Seven Club Deutschland

Marion Thiele


Dutch Pre-war A7 Owners

Andrew Fallon


Austin 7 Centenary