To mark 100 years since the 1922 launch of the Austin Seven motor car, the Austin Seven Clubs’ Association will hold a week of festivities centred on the Fire Service College at Moreton‑in‑Marsh, Gloucestershire.

Austin Seven enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to attend  and it is anticipated that the culmination of the celebration will be a rally of over 1,000 Austin Sevens.

The Austin 7 Centenary Celebration

19th - 24th July 2022 at The Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire GL56 0RH



The venue is ideally situated in the heart of England, with high quality on-site accommodation, first-class catering, entertainment, and leisure facilities, and extensive grounds with areas that will be set aside for camping, caravans, motorhomes and car trailers.

A full programme of activities and entertainments, runs, and displays – for the enjoyment of all generations – will be on offer, making the Centenary celebration an ideal holiday destination for Austin Seven owners and their families. Details will be published in due course on this website

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This event is open to ALL Austin Seven owners and their friends and families.

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Prepare your Seven, not long to go!


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* A message from the organising team

The organising team have had several people expressing disappointment about being unable to attend the Centenary Event due to there being no more tickets available.

Of course, it is a matter of regret to all concerned that some people will be unable to attend.

When the event was first conceived there was a target to gather 1000 Austin Sevens to celebrate the centenary. It was not known if this ambitious goal could be achieved but wheels were put in motion to try and make this aspiration a reality.

The Fire Service College was chosen in good faith as a suitable venue as, based on our projections, it was believed to be large enough to cater for our needs whilst also providing excellent facilities.

Our projections for the venue being able to cater for 1000 Austin Sevens and the corresponding number of people did indeed prove to be accurate. As the entry reached just over 1000 Austin Sevens, the capacity for people able to attend the site was also reached.

However, it is fair to say that interest and enthusiasm for the event has exceeded all our expectations. Having met the aspirational numbers, it is due to Health and Safety considerations and the available space that we are not able to continue to accept any more entries.

One of the attractions of the Fire Service College is its secure nature, which will provide safety and security for people attending, and their precious cars. Due to the security of the site, it has been necessary for us to provide the details of those attending in advance, hence the requirement to pre-book and the inability to have day tickets available on the gate.   


Those unable to attend the event at the Fire Service College may wish to consider joining the celebrations at the Austin 7 Centenary Festival of Motorsport at Prescott on Wednesday 20th July 2022. 

Many people who are attending the centenary event will also be going over to Prescott that day so there will be lots of Austin Sevens with their owners present.  There will be a dedicated parking area for Austin Sevens in the Orchard and some historically significant Austin Sevens, as well as many others, tackling the hill.

Tickets are £20 per car regardless of how many people are in it, so a car of four is just £5 per head. 

Tickets can be purchased on the Prescott Hill Climb Website


Austin 7 Centenary